All there is to do with Minecraft it's MineTime

The making of Minecraft

In the beginning of time there was a cube, not a very big cube, but a cube that was vital to us and everything.Now, this cube was soaring through space when suddenly…BOOM!! Another cube of the same substance collided with the first cube, lets call the 1st cube 1 and the 2nd cube 2.

1 didn’t explode or implode or drop from existence, no ,if that happened my story would end there. The cubes,1 and 2, stuck together and over time more and more joined in and before you know it , POW!! A group of water blocks smashed into our big cube and engulfed most of it in the process. Notch was created along with Herobrine and very much like Yin and Yang they both helped to balance out the new world.Without one or the other Minecraft would drop from existence very much like the 1st cube didn’t do.


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